In order for your application to be considered please  download our PDF application form and Sworn Affidavit above, the application and affidavit must be signed and sent to together with all outstanding documents. if we do not receive all documents before the deadline , please do consider your application as being unsuccessful. You will however still be welcome to apply for future events.

Documentation required for all international visits. (Note that your application will NOT be reviewed without all required documents)


  1. A completed Emerging Exporters Application form.

  2. BEE Cert or Sworn affidavit

  3. Proof of registration of the entity if it is a CC or (Pty) Ltd or A copy of the I.D in case of a sole proprietor. all entrepreneurs should be in operation for more than 12 months

  4. A full visible colour product brochure, CD ROM, photographs, or pictures of the products to be exhibited.

  5. Audited financial statements or bank statements for the last three months.

  6. Copy of a valid passport of the proposed traveler.

  7. Original valid tax clearance certificate. 9. Profile of the entity.

  8. Company profile: Brief profile of the entity should accompany all applications of the individual participants. The profile should include the following details: - Name of the entity - Contact details and physical address - Background of the entity - Ownership - Vision - Mission - Products or services - Conclusion

  9. Motivational letter indicating how you are going to secure deals during this event.