Delegates application: Frequently asked questions

Who can apply

Export-­‐Ready Unsigned & Independent artists For the purposes of the U & I Initiative an unsigned and independent artist is defined as "not having a recording contract or licensing deal with a record label, self managed artists who have not yet gain national or international exposure.Artists and bands that have created their own label solely to administer their recorded works are also eligible as unsigned artists." Export – Ready Independent Music Industry Professionals Independent Music Industry Professional is someone whose main activities are managing artists, publishing music, booking live performances (Agent), publicity or promotional work for artists, or a combination of those activities carried out “ under contract” with musicians, vocalists and copyright holders. Under contract refers to a legal business relationship with aim to assist musicians.

Documentation required from all international visits.

Please Note that your application will NOT be reviewed without all required documents

  1. A completed Emerging Exporters Application form.
  2. Proof of registration of the entity if it is a CC or (Pty) Ltd or A copy of the I.D in case of a sole proprietor. all entrepreneurs should be in operation for more than 12 months
  3. A full visible colour product brochure, Released Album (fully packaged CD) , photographs, or pictures of the products to be exhibited.
  4. Audited financial statements or bank statements for the last three months.
  5. Copy of a valid passport of the proposed traveler.
  6. Original valid tax clearance certificate. 9. Profile of the entity.
  7. Company profile: Brief profile of the entity should accompany all applications of the individual participants. The profile should include the following details: - Name of the entity - Contact details and physical address - Background of the entity - Ownership - Vision - Mission - Products or services - Conclusion
  8. Mortivation Letter indicating commitment and plan to secure international deals. the letter should be on your company letter head.
  9. BEE Certificate or Sworn Affidavit Attached

I am an artist and i do not have a company, can i still apply?

YES. the following documents will be required:

  1. Certified ID Copy
  2. Application Form (Check under forms)
  3. Your Profile and Marketing Plan (including contact, links, address)
  4. Released Fully Packages CD or Itune Page in PDF with your CD cover
  5. Passport Copy or proof of new passport application
  6. Valid Tax Clearance under your name
  7. 3 Months Bank statement under your name
  8. Motivational letter on how you are going to approach the International market.
  9. Signed Sworn Affridavit (Check under forms)

I just open my company recently can i still apply?

NO. all companies or individual applicants should be operating for more than 12 months.

If my application is approved, what costs will be covered

The assistance which the DTI is prepared to extend for participation at the above mention event is based on the following:

  • Air Tickets
  • Accommodation (including breakfast)
  • Airport Transfer
  • Exhibition costs

What costs will my company need to cover?

Please Note that: It is compulsory for all participating delegates funded by The DTI to cover the following costs:

  • Commitment fee - R2000-00
  • Travel Visa and Insurance costs,

what is other things are expected from me?

  • All delegates to attend IMEXSA pre mission meeting and Export Development Programme prior to our departure.
  • Submission of event report before termination date
  • Submission of all documents that could be requested

After being approved what if i fail to attended?

Note: The Individual Participant will be liable for the costs incurred for non participation at the event.

After you apply.

Once we receive your application you will usually receive acknowledgement of your application within 10 working days of the closing date. After an application is submitted, IMEXSA production team will check that your application is eligible according to the general eligibility requirements and the eligibility requirements for the relevant grant category. If your application is ineligible, you will be advised of the reasons why it was not successful within 10 working days of the closing date. Please note: Even if your application may meet the stated criteria during evaluation may not be successful at the final stage. The success of your application rests ultimately on the merits of your proposal against published criteria and in competition with all the other applications considered for funding.

How long does it take to know if my company is approved?

Decision is made on applications submitted to the Department of Trade and Industry. Once decisions are made, we will notify you by email or letter. It usually takes between 30 to 60 days after the closing date for the decision to be announced. Please do not contact IMEXSA to find out if your grant application has been successful. Notification dates for grant decisions will be advised under each grant category. Please inform us promptly of any change of address or contact details Selected Applicants will also need to: Attend an Export Orientation Session in Johannesburg (own cost for travel and accommodation) •Agree to assist with the manning of the Expo Stand during the event according to a schedule that be prepared at a later stage. Enter into a binding agreement with IMEXSA and DTI that stipulates amongst others that the participant will complete a written report within 2 weeks of their return to South Africa. This report will be presented in a format provided by IMEXSA.

what should motivation letter include?

you need to write letter commiting that you will serve the purpose of the funders programme at the event you are applying for, indicating the capability that indeed you will be able to secure deals.

SA INDIES MUSIC WEEK: Frequently asked questions

SA Indies Music Week Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to showcase at the SA Indies Music Week

To showcase at the SA Indies Music week an artist must first have submitted an application following a call for submission. They must then have been selected to be on the preliminary list of artist to showcase. Following that list, to confirm their spot they must sell a minimum of ten (10) tickets for the event. They must also sign the performance agreement and be available to do a sound check.

How much time is allocated to performers

Each artist is allocated 5 minutes or one song. If an artist sells more than 50 tickets, they will then be allocated 10minutes or two songs. Artists that sell 100 or more tickets will be allocated 15 minutes or three songs.

Do I get paid for showcasing

No. There is no performance fee. Performance is voluntary.

Can I perform without doing a sound check

No. An artist will not be allowed to perform if they didn’t do a sound check.

I’m an established artist, why must I still audition at the SA Indies Music Week?

This is not an audition but is to showcase your music to festival selectors who will be in the country. They each have their own requirements and seeing you live in action will help them know whether you are suitable for their event or not. These events are global events and so while a band might be established locally, they may be totally unknown on the global scale.

Will you be providing artists with accommodation

No. All artists must provide their own accommodation. if sponsership is available you will be notified before the event.

Will food be provided to artists

No food will be provided. All artists must provide their own meals. The venue where showcases take place has various well known food outlets.

Will transport be provided to artists

No. All artists must provide their own to and from the venue.

If I’m selected for an international showcase, will all my costs be covered?

If you are selected, you will, subject to funding availability, be subsidized to showcase at one of the international festival slots. The subsidy will only cover flight tickets, airport transfer and accommodation for up to FOUR (4) group members also depending on how many members were a part of the showcase performance at the SA Indies Music Week. So in other words, if 5 or more people are part of the performance, only 4 will be subsidized. If only 2 people were part of a performance, only two will be subsidized, and so forth. Selected bands will have to cater for their own visa costs, travel insurance costs and meals.

Will my whole band be taken to the festival if I’m selected

No. The subsidy depends on how many people performed at the SA Indies Music Week and has up to a limit of FOUR (4) group members. So in other words, if 5 or more people are part of the performance, only 4 will be subsidized. If only 2 people are part of a performance, only two will be subsidized, if three (3) are part of a performance, all three will be subsidized, and so f